Today will be the first time I celebrate the Thanksgiving, the reason is because I’m living in one of the countries that celebrate it.

I asked people about What Thanksgiving means? and Why do you celebrate it? what many said was: to thank what the year brought you, to celebrate the harvest of the year and have a big feast.
That is why today I want to thank for the things that life has given me

I want to thank the Pachamama (Mother Earth) for having sprouted all these seeds I planted,

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It had been long time since the last time I posted something. Time have passed out so fast here in the North. I’m planning to write more about many of my adventures but for now I just wanna share some of my favorites pictures from Yellowstone National Park.


Yellowstone National Park  is a national park located primarily in the U.S state of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. Yellowstone is known for its wildlife and its many geothermal features, geysers, hot springs, It has many types of  ecosystems.  Continue reading

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To the desert

What a pleasure is not to hear the alarm clock every morning especially whom are dependent of it to be responsables, our plan for the next day was explore Salt Lake city but We didn’t have time to do it because any of us had an alarm clock to help us do what was planned, We were not complain at all, we just laugh and decided explore the little time we had available before leaving to Moab-Utah.


Salt Lake Temple

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July=raspberry… Starting the adventure

Constantly friends and familiar complain about me being disappeared and not giving them much information about what is going on, It has been so hard be connected online when there is many things around me to be connected with.

Life in farm during July had just one main activity “raspberries harvest” We spent mostly of the time picking raspberries, all of them for sale at the markets from Minneapolis and Saint Paul.


sometimes the rows of this plant looked unending but persistence was the key to don’t give up. Continue reading

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June my favorite month.

I always have the perception that June is a special month, the greatest thing in my life used to happen in this month.. Far away from home have not been the exception!!

One of my sisters said: “June is just another month but you wanna make it special” maybe that is true, maybe June is just another month like  my sister said but I still wanna believe that is special and I wanna tell the reasons why June was special for me: to start is Summer!!! we always have the chance to see shining sun.

From Hoch Orchard and Farm in Minnesota this is How my summer looks!!


Vegetable garden!!

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Plum blossoms

This is What spring means? Flowers and more flowers.


Days ago I took a walk around the orchard where I live and found this contrast around all the green, also a great sweet smell….. And there it was!!! Plum trees ready to show their beauty. Continue reading

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Why Minnesota?

After that many friends had readed my last post about my dramatic experience with the cold climate of Minnesota, more than one have asked me: Why are you there? Why go to in a place so far from paradise Ecuador? ………
Not only my friends from Ecuador have mentioned how illogical it was to moved to the cold North but friends from Minnesota Whom usually after listen and watch pictures from my country and the natural beauty also have asked me: What are you doing here? Why change Ecuador for Minnesota?


Hoch Orchard- April 2014

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