El Nino Phenomenon

A few days ago there was a storm (rain, thunder , lightning ) that prevented me to go out to the fields for working as usual,  I stayed for a moment looking out the window mesmerized while Jackie asked me : Are you nervous? I said -No- but the true is that yes, I was nervous , I must confess!!! YES the heavy rains make me feel a little nervous, when I see it I go back years (1997-1998) when I was 8 years old I experienced one of the worst seasons on the Ecuadorian Coast  (El Niño). Lisa asked in her last post to share our experience about “ El Nino Phenomenon“.  I decided to share mine. Continue reading

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From the Middle of the world to 5216 km to the North

I was born and grew up in a place where the sun rises every day at 6:00 am and sets at 6:00 pm, where the only seasonal changes which people feel worried about  is if it rains a lot or a little. To explain:

Summer: Sunny, (sometimes sunny) – No rain – 25 º C-37 º C

Winter:   Sunny, (sometimes sunny) –    Rain    – 25 º C-37 º C


as you can see the temperature is not something we worry about that is why the only thermometer you can find in our houses is the thermometer to know if someone has a fever or not.

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On my way

It has been very difficult to coordinate my ideas and finally decide what to write? Having failed to do so for nearly five months.

A few days ago while I was organizing my room, I found a small book which I used as a diary when I lived in Massachusett three years ago, did not say very nice things about the United States in the first pages (especially for someone who was there for first time) weather, language, food, sometimes people, nothing seemed to be fine for me. The last pages were more subtle and tolerant even funnier.

The last sentence of the diary said “After two or three years that I read again these pages, I’ll sure laugh a lot” and I caught myself laughing as the diary said. Continue reading

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Ecuador’s End-of-Year Effigies

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P1920105 ano viejo

With a tiny slice of time, I am again sharing images of my most favorite mascots that dot the Ecuadorian landscapes during this final week of the year.

P1920110 ano viejoP1920112 ano viejo

Each year they seem more scarce, and their absence concerns me.  As with flowers, the presence or absence of these ‘ano viejo’ effigies somehow represents the soul of the community.  Why are they no longer enjoying this custom in my sweet community?

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A place where you always come back!

Who doesn’t have a place where always find reasons for come back? It might won´t be forever but “La Mocora” the small village where I lived last year always give me reasons for come back. Last week I made a family meeting, We enjoyed a delicious roasted pig that someone gave me months ago. Of course I don´t have house there but I have a lot of good people I met, one of this good people let me make this meeting in his house.

How can you to thank when someone is so NICE with you? I know there is not way but I tried to do something about it.

I decided explore around and I found some nice rocks and I knew How to use it


kids painting rocks!

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Signatures for “The Yasuni”

The countdown has begun! 180 days to collect 600,000 signatures. This is the last breath and hope for the Yasuni, after the National Assembly approved the executive order of President Rafael Correa. The Yasunidos group has taken the lead in this fight, they have already started the collecting of signatures in some cities of the country to apply for a referendum to be the people who decide whether or not exploded the field ITT in the Yasuni park. Continue reading

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Timeout for Art: Tapping into your Natural Talent

I should admit it!! I feel pretty proud of myself for this and also so honored to have a great friend as Lisa. Ready for leave to La Mocora for my family´s meeting. I hope everybody have a good weekend!

Zeebra Designs & Destinations

“Talent is like a water table under the earth. You tap into it with your effort and it comes through you, from the bottom of the earth.”(Natalie Goldberg)

P1870089 silvana tshirt

After drawing the butterfly design (see previous post) with a black permanent marker,Silvana pondered the colors for her sister’s birthday surprise.   With a thick paper between the front and back of the shirt, she slowly applied the acrylics.

P1870091 silvana tshirt Watch over my shoulder and enjoy the magic!

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