June my favorite month.

I always have the perception that June is a special month, the greatest thing in my life used to happen in this month.. Far away from home have not been the exception!!

One of my sisters said: “June is just another month but you wanna make it special” maybe that is true, maybe June is just another month like  my sister said but I still wanna believe that is special and I wanna tell the reasons why June was special for me: to start is Summer!!! we always have the chance to see shining sun.

From Hoch Orchard and Farm in Minnesota this is How my summer looks!!


Vegetable garden!!

seeing growing every plant in the garden is a pleasant really hard to explain, I think is more easy for farmers to understand that feeling.Imagen

weeding onions at the garden


the contact with the mother nature, touching the soil full of life with your hands. This is the first strawberry harvested in the year, oh God!!! that was a heavenly flavor. Once I asked Jackie- What is you favorite thing about living in the farm? She answered: “When we are having a meal and the table is full with food from my farm, taste different”.ImagenWhoever plant a seed will harvest that is What my grandPa used to said. But not everything is rose color especially when you have to weeding with 89 degrees, sweating… I remember telling to Courtney (my workmate) “this is not How I thought my life would be like” 🙂Imagen

the Crew unloading grass!!


Of course I never thought I will be working in a farm 8 hours per day six day per week, getting dirt, sweating and hurting my back, carrying heavy things, smelling like dirt.

but When see the beauty around, the capacity to grow your own food, plants being so tiny and then big and proud after facing storms, hot days, intense rains. Can you see Courtney’s face? yeah that is the same garden than the first picture, and both were taking in JUNE.ImagenStrawberry is one of my favorite fruit from this area, and again June is the month for their harvesting season!!!Imagen

strawberry plants!!

There was something else that happened this month: The World Cup!!! the soccer competition take place every four years, probably everybody have talked about this but as an Ecuadorian fanatic I lived it with a lot of excitement until point to paint my face, make a special schedule at the work (asking for days off even if I have to work sundays), I brought my Ecuadorian flag, my t-shirt all for this party. Ecuador went to Brazil World Cup for third time after have participated in the qualifications with others 10 teams from South America. I was really lucky my bosses decided to join me in this celebration making them  became a little fanatics too. Jackie my lady boss helped me to put my flag in the car. Sadly Ecuador didn’t pass to the second round but for me was a great happiness to see them competing. Imagen

Jackie and I

The farm made a solstice party a lot people came to share good food, enjoy a tour around the orchard, tasting cider and a wonderful bonfire and this was the last view I had at the longest day of the year.Imagen

solstice sunset!!

apples are growing slowly and while we wait for its busy season, the raspberry season is just right in the corner everybody at the farm call it: (madness season) I would like to see why the call the raspberry season in that way.Imagen

little apples!!

Children’s day, my birthday, my father’s birthday, father’s day are other of the reasons why I think June is so special, I will enjoy my last day of June and wait for another special month in the farm: because here everyday is an adventure even when I try take rest in the ground Juniper (our puppy) will make trouble.Imagen


enjoying my time at the North!



About silvana1989

Una persona con amor por la vida y su esencia, siempre dispuesta a aprender. Disfruto de la buena lectura, música, agricultura y conocer gente y éste blog es para mostrar las experiencias que todo esto junto le da a mi vida
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12 Responses to June my favorite month.

  1. amiga! how appropriate that your post arrived just after i checked into hostal ciragan! i left gye at 1, changed buses in portoviejo at 5 (for bahia) then dashed to san vicente to catch that final bus to jama but caught a faster ride at pedernales express.. only to roll into jama to see that palo santo was open – strange.. must be world cup game for him to be open on sunday?.. the closer to the center, the more festive it became.. of course you probably know – san pedro san pablo still going strong downtown! i was relieved that ciragan had a vacancy!

    now for your post: what a GRAND post! thank you for sharing so many photos – i don’t know which i like most, but the one w/the strawberry in your hand is a great perspective! the photo of you and the car draped w/the flag is impressive, and of course the final one says that you’ve earned that break!

    costa rica is in a huge mode of celebration, and it was great to witness their happiness w/their wins. i am sorry that ecuador didn’t make the next round, but they did well, considering the loss of their star player. i am glad that you infected everyone with world cup fever!!!!

    i was thinking on the bus trip today that it was time for a new post from you!
    it’s always great to see your posts and read your reports from ‘up north..’

    • silvana1989 says:

      Hey Lisa I was wondering When will you come back home? I forget about San Pedro y San Pablo now I understand why my family didn’t call me this weekend,I’m sure they were at party!!! I’m glad what Costa Rica have done in the World Cup, everything is going well I’m working hard but happy and I hope you are doing well dear amiga. Miss you

  2. Gallivanta says:

    Silvana, how lovely to hear from you. Glad everything is going so well in the month of June. I laughed to see your flag decorating the car! What a good feeling it is to see and taste the fruits of your hard work. Enjoy the raspberry season. 🙂

    • silvana1989 says:

      Oh Gallivanta I will never stop thanks the attention you give to my blog, I know I always disappear but I tried to keep writing despite my busy time. I’m trying to apply for a university en Australia I’m not sure if there is where you live? I hope you are doing well and thanks again for stopping by

      • Gallivanta says:

        I am in New Zealand, Silvana. But I hope you are successful with your application to an Australian University. I don’t know what subjects you want to study but there are some good universities in New Zealand.

  3. Mary says:

    So glad to see your news of the growing season – happy to read that June is turning out to be such a wonderful month. Here’s to all teams in the World Cup!

  4. The little puppy is adorable! I love your post.

  5. Beautiful blog, Sylvana. Your life on the farm is teaching you so much. The June strawberries look delicious as your photos depict and it looks like you are able to share Ecuador with your co workers. We were in Ecuador eight years ago during the World Cup and no matter how large the city or small the village everyone was in their soccer shirts. 🙂

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