It had been long time since the last time I posted something. Time have passed out so fast here in the North. I’m planning to write more about many of my adventures but for now I just wanna share some of my favorites pictures from Yellowstone National Park.


Yellowstone National Park  is a national park located primarily in the U.S state of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. Yellowstone is known for its wildlife and its many geothermal features, geysers, hot springs, It has many types of  ecosystems. 


Yellowstone, however, is much more than hot ground and gushing steam, boundaries enclose craggy peaks, alpine lakes, deep canyons, and vast forests.  Wild landscape and the bison, elk, and bears are also part of its beauty


Old Faithful Geyser

We were waiting to see the eruption of the geyser for about 1 hour, sparkling water projected into the air to the height of one hundred and twenty-five feet. “Geysers! geysers!” exclaimed many of people who were sitting next to us to see this wonderful nature show.


There are many of the geothermal features such as hot springs, mud pots and fumaroles than you can easily see around the park.


It’s like walking in the top of a volcano my friends told me before getting there, that’s was exactly What we did the whole time, just walking in the top of this volcano


The colors that the hit and the geothermal features have created in this place are magical.


There was moments that I felt like walking in a different planet.


But Yellowstone is also a variety of ecosystems  that give you the opportunity to see canyons and rivers, forest or all those things together.

P1050094 P1050070

After spending four days in this wonderful park, we were not very lucky to see clear skies but this sunset was one of my favorite.P1050289

Apple season is done up here in Minnesota, that will give me a little more time to share more about my experiences here in the North.


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Una persona con amor por la vida y su esencia, siempre dispuesta a aprender. Disfruto de la buena lectura, música, agricultura y conocer gente y éste blog es para mostrar las experiencias que todo esto junto le da a mi vida
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11 Responses to Yellowstone

  1. you surely felt as if you were in wonderland, and you were kind enough to let us walk across this unique landscape with you.

    yesterday i visited ‘lechero’ that overlooks lago san pablo, and of course i always think of you when i am in intiraymi country.

    it’s great to see you back with stories of your travels! z

  2. Good to see you, Sylvana. What a wonderful experience for you to see Yellowstone. Beautiful pictures and description. Apple season may be over, but winter is there.

  3. clara says:

    Amigaaaa por que escribes todo en inglés buuu en espanol por fa

  4. Really enjoyed your wonderful photos. What an amazing place!

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