To the desert

What a pleasure is not to hear the alarm clock every morning especially whom are dependent of it to be responsables, our plan for the next day was explore Salt Lake city but We didn’t have time to do it because any of us had an alarm clock to help us do what was planned, We were not complain at all, we just laugh and decided explore the little time we had available before leaving to Moab-Utah.


Salt Lake Temple

We reached Salt Lake Temple one of the largest temples in the Mormon Church, Salt Lake City is the center of Mormon Church most influential to the present where we appreciate certain regulations of the Mormon church (I think the most difficult for me was that I could find the beer I wanted). Eager to satisfy the curiosity We enter an event inside the temple where we could hear a man playing the organ, there never was applause all people listened intently included Us.


Inside Salt Lake temple

Of course my friends and I had long discussions about religion, but that was not what we were looking for so we continue our way to the desert.


From Salt Lake city to Moab-Utah

The way to Moab changed my spirit, I saw so much space and the colors began to have a different tone.

P1040689We found in the road a sign that said “Cemetery”. How you may have cemetery in a place where there are no people? we stopped and walked in, I was surprised how small it was and how desolated it was, I did not find large structures like in my country, but a tree on each grave, flowers made by metal and a sign with the name and year that the person lived. (the most early was 1903 mostly of them were buried in the 18th).



As closer as we get to Moab we were more intense the colors turned, including orange, pink, red, my emotions were intense It would be all new to me; in Ecuador I enjoy a lot the diversity but the desert is something that We definitely do not have and is there when you find some answers but I also get other questions.

P1040697The evening was approaching and fatigue attacked us, we finally arrived to the place we will stay for three days, a cabin we called (our little house).



The view around us made me feel like if I was in a Western movie, but after I saw the tepee I also thought about the Native Americans and How sad was don’t see any of them around after heard the history; and again my friends and I had long discussions about it for the rest of the night.



P1040714More questions than answers is what a new adventure brings but also the opportunity to know about another reality that I never heard before. I’m the same but answering differently. Time for resting and wait for the next day!!!





About silvana1989

Una persona con amor por la vida y su esencia, siempre dispuesta a aprender. Disfruto de la buena lectura, música, agricultura y conocer gente y éste blog es para mostrar las experiencias que todo esto junto le da a mi vida
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4 Responses to To the desert

  1. Gallivanta says:

    Indeed it is wonderful to live without the tyranny of the alarm clock How lovely that you are travelling with an open mind and many questions; that is the best kind of travel adventure.

    • silvana1989 says:

      oh yeah I think that travelling without alarm clock was the best!!!! if you are not open mind you shouldn’t travelling!!! that is my personal rule!! Hope you are doing well.

  2. How great to have this time to travel with friends and to open your eyes and thoughts to new places, new landscapes and different ideas. It’s good to have questions. Safe travels.

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