Ecuador March for life: Yasuni ITT

13 days have passed after the pronouncement of President Rafael Correa on finalizing the initiative Yasuni ITT , 13 days of intense debate at national and global level . On one side is the government with a strong campaign saying  that They will explode only 0.1 % of the park that this money will help draw of poverty the habitants of the Amazon region.

President Correa constantly says that exploitation will be to the highest quality standards and with minimal environmental impact. Am I the only one who thinks this is a lie ? How do they pretend to transport the oil ? don´t they need to build roads through the middle of the park?.

Given all these arguments that not only me question. The people have taken to the streets to tell the government : “We do not want the Yasuni be exploited ” ” Referendum ” , saying that this is not the solution to poverty in the country and that there are alternative ways to raise money is needed.

The media war that constantly occurs between the government and some media has not kept waiting, the major TV channels are giving space to government opponents as defenders of nature when the whole country knows that they have never fought for their rights instead of giving  tv space to the real indigenous leaders , youth , students, farmers and other social groups who actually defend the Yasuni .

It is for this reason that different marches were organized in different cities , called by different groups.

My own desicion is to go to the streets to march for the Yasuni , not to destabilize our government giving opportunity to the usual politicians who take advantage of the indignation of the people to call themselves ” Defenders ” .

I will defend the Yasuni by life, by Mother Nature , because I think that our country should not continue with extractive development model but sustainable , I can not blind myself and I can not deny the great progress and stability that this government has given the country , they are not enough but have been positive.

This September 5th I will join with a group of young activists , environmentalists, indigenous people, students to march peacefully to ask the government for a ” referendum ” but also considering proposals to raise the money needed to fight poverty of the inhabitants of the Amazon.

because I love life


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13 Responses to Ecuador March for life: Yasuni ITT

  1. Jueseppi B. says:

    Glad to see you back blogging.

  2. Gallivanta says:

    All the best for September 5th.

  3. fotograffer says:

    Hopefully the outpouring of support for the Yasuni will cause the government to rethink their exploitation. I am glad you are bringing this to our attention. I would probably not been aware otherwise.

    • silvana1989 says:

      In Ecuador there have already been several marches, one of which was violent tehre were clashes with police, Today I heard the President saying that He will keep his decision has even said that the marches were not massive but I know that’s not true. In a survey last year 85% Ecuadorians wanted to retain the oil in the ground even if we don´t get the money, so we want a “referendum” to be the people who decide by election. I have hope!

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  6. gracedickins says:

    Lovely to see other people supporting Yasuni. They need all the help they can get. I’ve actually just been writing about the causes and effects of deforestation on my blog

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