Curious animals!!!!

I’m sure everybody loves animals, some people have favorites, When people ask me: “Which is your favorite animal?” I don´t have an answer because there is so many great fabulous beautiful amazing animals that for me is hard to choice one.
There are animals I see everyday they don´t make me feel so excited as when you see a tiger or zebra or some exotic animal, I´ve not found with a lot of exotic animals but I do I´ve found Curious animals. they got my attention that mostly of them I saw more than twice even I took them pictures. Here are some of these particular animals.


“Chiricana” this is the name for this kind of hen.

it´s very funny to see them walking…. their legs are the shorter ones. a normal chicken has 15 cm longitude on their legs but this kind has 7-10 cm.

I introduce you “SUPERMAN”

or I should call it “Super Rooster” I love this rooster His owner call him Superman, He is a fighter he does not care his size! I found this rooster and the adorable tiny chiricana hen in my aunt´s house backyard in chone. I am so happy I had my camera on my hands.

colorful turkey

Who have not seen a turkey? Maybe this one does not have anything particular but When I visit this farm from Zamora (Ecuador Province) after have walked for two hours up to a giant hill this turkey it was in the door making weird noises like warning the owner that somebody is coming. I should call it “The security guard”.

fashion cow

When I think about farms my first thought it’s black and white cows, pigs, chickens but when My friend from Zamora´s farm told me he is going to show me his cows I never expected to see this one… She looks like a fashion cow wearing a tiger coat!!!


Doddy was a mico monkey (he died recently) He was living in a cage close to the house that I was living in La Mocora. mandarins season was the best for him, he used to eat a lot of mandarin Doddy also peeled the mandarins meticulously to be sure he eats pure pulp.

Doddy peeling a mandarin

The bad thing about Doddy He also liked to steal chicks and eat them.

shaved rooster

Nice legs!!! don’t you think? there is a traditional activity called: “pelea de gallos” rooster fight. A lot of people trains roosters for the fighter, this rooster have been trained thats what his legs show.


guanta is a rodent lives in the forest, in La Mucura it’s like a afrodisiac is not easy to hunt, people hunt at night to get them. more information HERE.

guanta no hairs!!!

After remove all the hair……….by hands

Cecilio and Gloria… My hosts in La Mocora

Cecilio is a good butcher and His wife Gloria a great assistant!!! I think I was better just watching!!! and after Gloria made a good dinner.. I joined to them!!! it was a delicoius guanta´s stew!!!

A new technique to transport ducks!!!

As many people know in Ecuador there is not public transportation for country areas, so the farmers have to carry their products in trucks with a lot of more people so I think that with all this conditions This is the best way to transport Ducks.

crazy feathers!!!!

no it’s not a bird, is a chickens but he decided be different… Maybe rock star or He just likes a unique hairstyle!!!!!!


This pig does not like to wait someone feed it!!!! He likes to take initiative, He was eating from a papaya tree!!!

My curious animals always have something to show me!!! I just hope to have always ready my camera!!!

What is your favorite?


About silvana1989

Una persona con amor por la vida y su esencia, siempre dispuesta a aprender. Disfruto de la buena lectura, música, agricultura y conocer gente y éste blog es para mostrar las experiencias que todo esto junto le da a mi vida
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19 Responses to Curious animals!!!!

  1. Gallivanta says:

    So much variety. I love the little chiricana and Doddy.

  2. Doddy has to be my favorite. Rest in peace, Doddy! I’m new to your blog, and will be back.

  3. fotograffer says:

    Great post. I have eaten agouti in Ecuador. It looks much like the guanta. Could they be the same?

  4. terrytrekker says:

    Really great pics! Ever heard of labba?

  5. Great post. That is one huge pig at the tree. Am partial to the chiricana and Doddy.

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